A little information about my experiences and how I got started in the business.


My interest in photography began roughly at age 15, when at school I would work summers at my father's photography business. This would later serve as a great basis of understanding of the photographic process.

His particular business specialised in commercial photography, delivering marketing materials for large corporations. Seeing a fully functioning studio with large format film cameras being operated and then processed in-house was quite the introduction, but far from where I ever envisioned myself being involved with. It wasn't until the evolution of digital photography did it ever become a medium I could access fully and decide to pursue.

Moreover than just the technical side of commercial photography, working at my father's business taught me the basics of brand importance and the need for market strategy. He taught me some of his philosophies in terms of how to present your product in the right way, and showed me which companies were doing it best.

MUA Natalia Londoño Ortiz and Model Tarah Sand.

Having grown up in the UK, I have lived in the US for the last 9 years, residing in Austin for the past 3 of those. Before that I was in Los Angeles where I worked as a photographer and in film production, usually within the Art Department.

During my time in Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to help run a photography studio on La Brea Ave called Spaceflea Studios, a photography and music space which also functioned as living quarters to a variety of musical characters. 

Family portraits at World Refugee Day 2014 @ Bullock History Museum.

That period served as a strong foundation into my photographic style as I had an abundance of opportunities and time in a space to construct ideas. See Jamia.

Since coming to Austin, I have specialized in a handful of photographic services as well as worked full time for a few photography companies. I completed a season doing graduation photos for the University of Texas and I currently am employed by Eversnap Photography on an independent basis. I have also contracted independently for a variety of freelance photographic services. 

Family portraits at World Refugee Day 2014 @ Bullock History Museum.

Family portraits at World Refugee Day 2014 @ Bullock History Museum.

Some of my commercial clients serviced in Austin; University of Texas Co-op, iACT (Interfaith Action of Central Texas), Umlauf Sculpture Musuem and Gardens, Lux Candles, Mille Fleur, RESA, Mr Natural, Stephen Omowaiye Real Estate amongst others. Please contact for resume and full client list.

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